08 December 2010


Flash site is done for now! I may revisit this in portfolio to fine tune things and add to the experience, but this is my submission for the end of the semester. The hardest part by far for me was coding the scrolls to add themselves to the main timeline, then remove themselves each time they are created, but only if the user wants them to. Hope you enjoy it.

Millstead Project

04 December 2010

I Can See the End From Here!

Progress has been made on the flash site today. I am down to placing a bunch of little easter eggs, miscellaneous text and images, and then fixing the little glitches I keep finding in the process of testing things. You can give it a shot HERE.

*Please Note that there are no preloaders yet for the external files being referenced when you click on a building. It may take a second or two for something to happen, so only click once until it loads.

21 November 2010


       have.BeenWorking(onFlashFiles.allWeekend = soHere.isMyProgress);

04 November 2010

Move Along

And here it is– the completed flash animation. Unfortunately, It appears that this site really doesn't like my .swf files and so I've attached a link to the animation.

25 October 2010

Next project begins...

Here is an idea I had for the next project in class, which is to create a kenetic typography animation. I chose to use a sound clip from Hook where two of the characters are exchanging rather disgusting insults. I plan to incorporate a variety of animations to the type and effects to help it create a sense of insult and offense.